February 8, 2023


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4 Times When You Should Go To Couples Marriage Therapy

Couples therapy can give us a series of guidelines that we can put into practice to keep our relationship going despite the problems.

Accepting that your relationship is not going well can be emotionally catastrophic. It is undeniable that we all start our relationships thinking that they will be beneficial even if there are occasional problems. However, going to couples marriage therapy with experts or counseling like “psychology Brighton” can be part of the path to a healthy and successful relationship.

Have you begun to suspect that you need help? Are you not entirely clear if taking couple’s therapy is what you need? In that case, keep reading. We will tell you how to identify if you require help from a third party who is an expert in relationships.

Things You Should Know About Couples Therapy

Couples therapy, also known as couples psychotherapy, is a clinical psychological treatment in which the couple receives guidance to deal with the problems that are separating them.

There are several types of treatment and specialists who can help in the process. It is advisable to go with a person who has studies in couple psychology and sexuality. It can be a sexologist or a psychologist specializing in couples.

Because this therapy is based on creating commitments, understanding the other person, and setting common goals, it is necessary for both people to be committed. When this does not occur, the therapy may not achieve the desired goals.

Requiring couples therapy is something very normal and it is a need that can occur at any time in life. Therefore, it is advisable to be open to understand when it is time to seek help.

When Is Couples Therapy Necessary?

The answer to this question is simple: when you feel that things are no longer working and you are unhappy as a couple. Here are some of the most significant examples.

1. You Feel Like You Need More Space Away From Your Partner

One of the things that happy couples do is allow each one to have her personal space. This is natural and healthy for any relationship, although at first you may feel the need to be with your new love all the time.

However, when one person is overly absorbing, it can undermine the quality of the relationship. The most common result is that the other person feels choked. Suddenly, she needs to get as far away as possible.

Taking couples marriage therapy in this case will prevent the person who requires too much attention from feeling forgotten. At the same time, limits and periods of meeting and rest may be established between the two.

2. Work and Other Activities Become A Pretext To Avoid Real Life

Many people take refuge at work or on outings with friends. That is, in any situation that takes them away from what makes them feel uncomfortable at home.

Therefore, another reason to go to couples therapy is when you or your partner spend all your time avoiding each other. Through this process you will be able to identify the situation that makes you flee, something that is not always easy to see and accept. Among the most frequent reasons are:

  • The natural passage of the years as a couple.
  • The loss of a child or a pregnancy that has not been talked about.
  • The sudden onset of a disease.

Through therapy you will be able to understand what the problem is, how each one feels and what you expect. Based on this, you will also establish rules of behavior and new objectives.

3. You No Longer Communicate

Has communication been lost or do you avoid it for fear of ending up fighting? In that case, you are facing one of the reasons to go to couples therapy, since there is a problem that must be treated with the help of an expert.

Through therapy you can find a calm and neutral environment where you can expose what is bothering you. This will prevent, or at least reduce, the use of negative or aggressive language. In addition, the therapist will direct the conversation in such a way that both of you express yourself and understand what the other is saying.

In many cases, simply having someone act as a mediator is all it takes to learn to brainstorm. The best thing is that the therapist will explain to you how to carry out this process at home and enrich your relationship continuously.

4. There Has Been Some Infidelity

Going through an infidelity is one of the most serious situations for any relationship. Even if the relationship with the third person has ended, the coexistence will be complex and full of jealousy.

This causes the unfaithful party to feel watched and committed to continually show love for her. Over time, this person may feel tired and unwilling to fight for the relationship.

On the other hand, the person who has been cheated on may experience bouts of jealousy, self-insecurity and mistrust that cause him to distance himself from her partner. Couples therapy in this case will help you understand if you really want to continue and what are the reasons why this situation occurred. The most important thing is that you can create an action plan to bond more as a couple if you decide to continue.