May 31, 2023


Where's The Health?

Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills to Improve Your Relationship Compatibility

Basic interpersonal communication skills are at the root of any healthy relationship.

A failure to communicate effectively may easily result in an abusive situation (including physical, emotional, or psychological abuse) for which you must seek advice.

An interpersonal association and your compatibility within that situation relies heavily on basic communication skills to define the parameters of that kinship.

In any of your business, financial, family, platonic, or love connections you can discuss the following topics to improve your relationship compatibility:

* What you expect from this association.

* What the other person or persons expect from the alliance.

* If there is agreement that these items can willingly be supplied and accepted by everyone involved.

* If there is any harm done to anyone including folks not directly involved in the situation.

If there is no substantial communication between the people involved in an association then they may unnecessarily seek how to end it or consider letting go of a relationship that could have flourished with proper communication.

Bad Relationship

When interpersonal intelligence (the ability to communicate effectively with others) regarding any association is lacking it is very difficult to get your relationship problems solved.

This results in poor relationship compatibility and bad situations.

While interpersonal humor or funny quotes lend a bit of levity to a grim situation the end of that relationship is near if you cannot communicate effectively with others regarding the dynamics of that connection.

Therefore, basic interpersonal communication skills must take precedence over interpersonal attraction if any relationship is to survive and thrive.