February 5, 2023


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ECG Test at Home in Hyderabad @ Rs 350/-


Are you mindful that Hale provides ECG at household in Hyderabad? Certainly, now you need not program, travel and wait in the extensive queues at the Diagnostic middle for your ECG take a look at to be done. The Innovative ECG Test at Household is a boon for cardiac patients. Normal and correct ECG checking is vital for coronary heart clients. ECG detects the coronary heart abnormalities that may possibly induce coronary heart failure, coronary heart assault, and other anomalies. ECG can help you have a superior monitor of your overall health, and your assessments are finished timely.

Hale Clinics and Diagnostics does the Very best ECG exam at the comfort and ease, privacy, and basic safety of your home, which is a non-invasive, painless exam with fast and precise final results. ECG Take a look at at Residence via Hale is a very simple approach that is the least expensive ECG check expense in Hyderabad, most advanced ECG machine and proficient and perfectly qualified lab technician.

Advantages of ECG Examination at House with Hale Clinics and Diagnostics

  • No need to have to vacation and visit the diagnostic heart
  • Remove hold out moments at diagnostic centers
  • Helpful for aged and unwell
  • Time conserving and stress no cost
  • Electronic reviews
  • Fair ECG Check in Hyderabad

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What We Present:

ECG Exam at Property in Hyderabad

How to Guide ECG check at Home in Hyderabad?

  • Contact us and Schedule your ECG take a look at at household. (or) Request a get in touch with back again by filling an enquiry form on the internet on our web site.

Dial: +91 – 88 00 644 744

  • Your assigned professional lab technician, male or female, will arrive at your put with the most highly developed moveable 12 channel ECG device.
  • The test procedure requires close to 30 min.
  • Digital studies will be sent on your phone in just 10-15 min & your coronary heart condition will be notified regardless of whether it is in normal or irregular or important situation.

Observe: Significant problem requires speedy medical awareness.

What is an ECG Examination?

An ECG, electrocardiogram, is a medical take a look at that detects abnormalities of the heart by measuring the electrical exercise generated by the coronary heart as it contracts. The equipment that is employed to history the patient’s ECG is referred to as an electrocardiograph. 

Why ECG Test?

An ECG may perhaps be encouraged by a health care provider for individuals who are at possibility of coronary heart disease because they smoke, are overweight, have diabetes, have significant cholesterol, or have large blood stress, or due to the fact they have a loved ones historical past of coronary heart sickness. And also a doctor may perhaps advise an ECG, for all those who are suffering from signs and symptoms this sort of as chest pain, breathlessness, dizziness, fainting, or fast or irregular heartbeats.   ECG is utilized to look into and detect heart problems this kind of as coronary heart enlargement, coronary heart irritation, and coronary heart condition by checking irregularities in the heart’s rhythm. It is also made use of to notice the outcomes of particular medications on the coronary heart. The ECG is a secure and non-invasive treatment with no pitfalls.

ECG Course of action and Preparing

  • To lessen fluctuations in the success and receive accurate results, keep away from chilly fluids and demanding bodily activity, and also keep your entire body free from oils and lotions before the test.
  • In advance of the check, you might be requested to eliminate garments higher than your waistline to let the electrodes to connect.
  • The technician may well shave the hair on the parts of your entire body exactly where the electrodes will be put so that the patches adhere.
  • There are around 12 – 15 electrodes that are hooked up to your chest, arms and legs. 
  • Electrode patches are attached to the human body with the aid of a gel.
  • You can breathe commonly for the duration of the examination, but you have to lie nevertheless. The exam success might be afflicted if you go, chat, or shiver.
  • Electrodes transmit the heart’s electrical exercise to the ECG machine.
  • An ECG machine produces a wave pattern symbolizing the heart’s rhythm.
  • Full procedure of the check takes all-around 30 min.

Forms of ECG Tests

Resting ECG: Patient will lie down throughout the take a look at

Holter ECG: You don a cell recording unit for at minimum 24 several hours. you are no cost to shift about as standard even though the observe is connected.

Tension ECG: ECG is taken whilst the affected individual is engaged in bodily things to do.

Difficulties that can be identified by ECG 

  • Heart enlargement
  • Congenital coronary heart defects 
  • Irregular coronary heart beats
  • Coronary occlusion or blockage in the arteries 
  • Insufficient blood provide to the heart
  • Abnormal position of the coronary heart
  • Coronary heart inflammation 
  • Cardiac arrest 
  • Disturbances of the heart’s conduction procedure
  • Imbalances in the blood chemicals 
  • Coronary heart attack challenges

Electronic Stories by Hale Clinics and Diagnostics:

By opting in ECG check at residence reports are commonly sent on your phone inside of 10-15 min just after the check is concluded.  And also you will be notified of your heart issue by our health professionals. If the outcomes are ordinary, no supplemental testing is essential. Having said that, if the effects counsel that the coronary heart is possessing difficulties, the affected individual may possibly require to repeat the ECG check, or the doctor could suggest other tests.

Balanced heart ECGs have a unique condition. Any abnormal cardiac rhythm or destruction to the heart muscle may possibly change the electrical exercise of the coronary heart, altering the ECG’s form.

Regularly Inquiring Thoughts:

1. What is the distinction involving ECG and EKG?

Equally ECG and EKG are the identical thing. ECG stands for Electrocardiogram while EKG stands for Electrocar Diagram in German.

2. What is the Home ECG Test value in Hyderabad by way of Hale?

The ECG Check charge in Hyderabad via Hale Clinics and Diagnostics is Rs.350/- only.

3. Is the ECG Examination at residence readily available at all areas of Hyderabad?


4. How long does it consider you to send out me my ECG take a look at studies?

You will acquire reports in 10-15 minutes soon after the check is finished

5. How is ECG performed on females via Hale?

For girls, the ECG check will be executed by our female lab assistant.

6. Can I get a female lab assistant to my dwelling for the ECG check?


7. What is the distinction amongst ECG and EKG?

To limit fluctuations in the effects and receive exact results, stay clear of chilly fluids and arduous physical exercise, and also continue to keep your entire body absolutely free from oils and lotions in advance of the check.

8. Are there any troubles of the ECG check?

No. ECG checks are safe methods devoid of any difficulties.

9. How can I plan my ECG test at house by way of Redheal?

Simply call us and Routine your ECG take a look at at dwelling, Or Go to Internet site to reserve your ECG check

Dial: +91 – 88 00 644 744

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