How Alcohol Detox Benefits the Body

Alcohol Detox Withdrawal Symptoms- Detox Plus UK

Health professionals advise men to stick to 2 or fewer drinks, while women should ideally consume one a day. Unfortunately, hereditary issues, life events, or stress may cause adults to go from moderate drinking to addiction. Such abuse can have a devastating effect on the body and mind over time.

However, if you are an alcoholic, you should not lose hope while attempting to battle your addiction. Getting the proper help can lead to vast physical and mental improvements. Here are several ways an alcohol detox can benefit the body.

Turn Back the Hands of Time

While it won’t happen overnight, your body will begin to reverse the effects of excessive alcohol consumption if you maintain abstinence. Some cardiovascular, liver, and brain damage will slowly heal. Your skin is one of the first places where you will see improvement.

Flawless Skin

After going dry, some people have reported skin improvements in as little as 30 days of cutting out alcohol. In addition to properly hydrating your skin, you can say goodbye to inflammation disorders such as psoriasis. Jaundice of the skin and eyes will fade. Improved elasticity will stop premature wrinkles in their tracks.

Sleep Like a Baby

Alcohol abuse increases the chance of sleep apnea and interferes with the ability to have restful sleep. Stay sober and sink into a deep and uninterrupted REM sleep every night. Sweet dreams!

Regain Your Fighting Weight

Not only does booze negatively impact your metabolism, but it also contains a ton of sugar. No more alcohol means no more useless excessive calories. You can lose or maintain weight with as little effort as skipping Happy Hours.

Your digestion will improve, and allow you to better process nutrients and rebuild your body.

Shut Out Disease

White blood cell production decreases with alcohol abuse. An alcohol-free body will contain fewer toxins and carcinogens that are breeding grounds for disease. Reduce your risk of various cancers such as liver, throat, breast, and colon cancer among others. Your risk for high blood pressure, digestive issues, and stroke will also decline.

Have a Memory Like an Elephant

Intoxication impairs rational thought and critical thinking skills. Unfortunately, prolonged abuse can kill brain cells, cause brain fog and possible hallucinations. While binge drinking can cause permanent memory loss, brain function can show improvement after several months of sobriety. 

A sober mind will be able to remember things better and is less likely to participate in unsafe behavior such as impaired driving.

Become the Energizer Bunny 

Alcohol can leave one feeling lethargic and sluggish. As your body heals and learns to process nutrients, this will impact your energy levels. Soon you will be able to go for long walks, focus on reading a good book, hit the gym, and do activities besides raising a glass of fermented liquid. The proper rehab facility can provide space and activities to help your body decompress and ease into action.

If you need help battling your substance addiction, click here and commence your journey to sobriety. Let Infinite Recovery help you regain your quality of life back today.