June 4, 2023


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How Substance Abuse Evolves as Time Passes?

Addiction is an unfortunate reality that has destroyed the lives of many individuals across the globe. Dealing with an individual affected by substance abuse is a big challenge. However, with the proper treatment, you or your loved one can live a normal life like before. Substance abuse is a chronic disease. This needs to be treated as soon as possible. An individual may further complicate the process leading to difficulty in controlling despite harmful consequences.

Now the biggest question that may arise is “how to know whether I have a problem with addiction?” or “What are the signs of addiction?” 

To be precise, no factors determine whether an individual will be addicted. You can search “suboxone treatment centers near me” or “opioid treatment centers near me” over the internet to understand various case studies. However, some of the common factors for addiction include:

  • Biological factors
  • Environment factors 
  • Development factors

Interestingly, there are predictable stages of abuse that individual moves through as their body and mind become reliant on a particular substance. Moreover, the initial step starts with 

Trying the Substance

Initiating addiction starts with trying out the substance. In fact, buprenorphine doctors divide it into two common scenarios. The first can be where they are offered by someone in a social setting like a party or club. This is a stereotypical scenario portrayed in media. There is another way that an average person may find themselves in the first step of addiction.

The second step includes when an individual is prescribed a substance like an opioid to treat a medical condition such as pain. However, these types of treatment seem like legitimate; many individuals slowly become reliant on opioid, eventually ending to become an addict.

Unfortunately, over 1.7 million people alone in the US suffered from substance use disorders due to prescription opioid pain relievers. However, you should also know that just because someone tries an opioid won’t necessarily mean they get addicted. Experimenting or being prescribed a substance may turn a healthy person towards addiction. You can also Google “opioid clinics near me” and learn more about the addiction treatment process.

Regular Use

Now, the next step comes as abuse as a regular means. Here, an individual continues it. This is when recreational use or medical use turns into more serious. To cut the craving, one needs to use it periodically. Addicted individuals want to experience the same euphoria that they experienced before. 

These tendencies might start on a weekend time with friends to regular use before or after work. The signs and symptoms of drug abuse from top-notch medical experts from suboxone treatment centers include seeking drugs as a part of their routine. Slowly, the substance becomes an integral part of their lives. 

However, those under prescription opioid medication may find this phase to be confusing. A patient may take medication and still misuse them. Researchers conducted have shown that 21 to 29 percent of a patient under prescription misuse drugs.


The transition phase between regular uses to dependence is a debilitating period. Once an individual begins to use substances regularly, the body gets used to opioids. The body further wants more and more to experience the same highs when they started the substance.   

The fact is that, after you consume opioids repeatedly, the body slows down the production of endorphins. People who develop tolerance are driven to enhance the dosage in order to get the “good feeling.” 

Sadly dependence not only craves the substance but also relies on it psychologically. Cravings are a part of their daily lives. 


The last stage is total addiction. The user becomes totally dependent on the substance. In fact, an addicted individual may not function without the drug of their choice. This affects all aspects of a person’s life. Their only focus is on managing substances. 

Remember, addiction is definitely a medical issue. For proper functioning, a standard brain rewards system motivates and runs the purpose. However, in the case of addiction, everything gets blocked by the substance, making you crippled. 

There’s A Hope

Absolutely, there have been many cases where patients were on the verge of giving up. However, they have crossed the barrier with the correct guidance and now live happily with their loved ones. 

The first step to pulling out oneself from the vicious cycle is by acknowledging a clean-up. There are expert buprenorphine doctors out there to help patients recover. In case you want to contact them right now, search online “buprenorphine doctors near me” or “opioid clinics near me” and seek an appointment. We help you get back to normal like before.