June 4, 2023


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Opioid Blocking Shot: Here’s Why Sublocade Is Gaining Popularity

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The opioid epidemic has had a significant influence on individuals and their family members. While treatment is the only way out to return to everyday life, people still lack medication due to various reasons. In the US, numerous suboxone treatment centers are now helping individuals lead healthy lives. For those battling with addiction, one such option is a sublocade shot. 

The medication is taken once a month in a controlled environment with the help of a medical practitioner. Also, when life-saving suboxone treatment in local suboxone clinics is paired with behavioral therapy and counseling, this reduces the risk of relapse with the likelihood of a sustained recovery.

Sublocade Shot from Local Suboxone Clinic

Sublocade is the brand name of your opiate blocking the shot. It includes Buprenorphine as the generic ingredient. The same Buprenorphine is active in Suboxone. While Buprenorphine was clinically approved in 2002, sublocade is the new way for administering Buprenorphine. The medication comes with both opioid agonists and antagonists that help the patient deal with opioid dependence like cravings and withdrawals. 

When undergoing the treatment, Buprenorphine is administered in an injection. Over time, the medication is absorbed into the body over a month. Here, the medical practitioner injects into the subcutaneous tissue in the lower abdomen, which slowly passes into the system over the course of a month.

Facts You Must Know About Sublocade

Here, we’ll focus on some critical facts about opiate blocking shots.

The First And Only Once-Monthly Buprenorphine Product

Unlike other buprenorphine products like Suboxone, the blocking shots are the first and once-a-month injections. It helps reduce the burden on the patient instead of taking daily medicine. Sublocade medication is time-savings as patients need not visit the clinic frequently. Just one time a month will ensure continuous benefit.

Patient Should Take Buprenorphine Before Subolocade

The protocol here requires patients to take a stable dose of Buprenorphine for at least seven days. This phase is known as transmucosal drug delivery. Once the phase ends, you are now eligible for sublocade. You need to know that sublocade is an extended version of Buprenorphine. 

Sublocade Shot Works With Counseling And Therapy

Getting a sublocade shot works exceptionally well when you have the option to combine it with counseling and therapy. Here, the idea is to take the shot from a local suboxone clinic and reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

There is less likelihood of relapse when you aren’t facing withdrawal and cravings. Now you can locate the nearest clinic by simply searching “suboxone treatment near me.”   

Insurance Cover Sublocade And Suboxone Treatment

Sublocade cost can be a concern amongst individuals trying to set a path on recovery. If your medical officer recommends taking the opiate blocking shot, you don’t have to worry about the price. In fact, they are often covered by insurance. But you may have to go through a pre-authorization period. For that, you may again seek a “suboxone clinic near me” over the internet and set an appointment with the staff. Many sublocade treatment centers allow copay savings plans which help lessen your cost when availing of treatment.

Not Every Provider May Administer A Shot

Not every doctor or pharmacy is eligible to provide a sublocade shot. In fact, a suboxone treatment center that specializes in medication-assisted treatment has the authority to provide treatment for opioid abuse disorder. 

There are trained medical professionals who specialize in medication-assisted treatment. This includes the case manager, providers, and other staff who ensure comprehensive treatment. 

Final Wrap

The treatment approaches need to be comprehensive with specialized medication as per your treatment needs. When undergoing suboxone treatment, doses may not be identical. Therefore, your medical staff will need to work with each patient to create an individualized treatment plan.

At our clinic, we include certified medical officers who will develop a treatment facility as per your need. Get in touch with us in order to understand sublocade and its options when treating drug abuse.