June 3, 2023


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The Power Of Belief: Do Our Beliefs Define How We Experience Life?

If it was put forward to someone that how they experience life is largely the result of what they believe, they could be completely on board with this. This could be something that, to one degree or another, they have been aware of for quite some time

Then again, they could end up dismissing what has been said and question how their life has got anything to do with what they believe. As far as they are concerned, what is going on ‘out there’ and what they experience could have very little to do with them.

A Passive Observer

One is then just going to be observing what is going on around them and what takes place in their life will be mostly out of their control. If they were asked to explain why they experience things, they could say that it is typically the result of “good luck” and “bad luck”, or “good karma” or “bad karma”.

Thus, someone or something ‘out there’ is going to play a big part in what does or doesn’t happen to them. Furthermore, unconsciously, if not consciously, they may believe that if they behave in a certain way, “good” things will happen to them.

A Random World

If they work for someone who mistreats them, then, they are unlucky, but if they win money on the lottery, they will be lucky. Or, if they are not very successful, they will be unlucky, but if they have good friends, they will be lucky.

In each of these examples as well others, one won’t be having much of an effect on what is going on. At the same time, there could be certain areas of their life that they believe are in their control, or at the very least, have more control over.

A Natural Outcome

So, if one doesn’t experience much good luck, it is not going to be a surprise if they have what is often described as a ‘victim mentality’. But, if bad things happen to them and there is nothing that they can do, how else would they be?

To expect any different would be to expect night not to follow day; it would be totally irrational. To make matters worse, both the people in their life and the society that they live in could also validate their view of themselves as a victim.

A Payoff

Through not having the ability to change their life directly, they will need to rely on an indirect way to change their life. Through being a victim, it can allow them to experience control.

Other people, through feeling sorry for them, can end up giving them things and doing things for them that they themselves can’t do. Being powerless, as frustrating as it will be, will provide them with a sense of control.

Going Deep, Way Deeper

Now, while one sees themselves as generally being nothing more than a passive observer of what is going on ‘out there’, what if this is nothing more than an illusion? What if this is the result of them being too attached to their ego-mind and being caught up in what their eyes tell them?

What if their beliefs define what they do and don’t experience? This would mean that one is not merely a passive observer of their reality; they are both the co-creator and the observer of their life.


One way to look at it would be for one to imagine that they made a decision to visit a town that was messy, unfriendly and even dangerous. However, even though they made this decision, they forget about this decision once they were there.

Consequently, although they chose to have this experience, it was as if what was going on had nothing to do with them and that they were being punished for no reason. Naturally, during their time there, they would feel angry, frustrated and powerless.

It’s Seems So Real

The trouble is that while what they see is coming from them, or their own consciousness to be more specific, their ego-mind and eyes will make it extremely difficult for them to realise this. According to these parts of them, what they see will be separate from them and thus, have nothing to do with them.

What will further strengthen this view will be the thoughts and feelings that they experience. These two elements will be what bring their experiences to life and what makes them ‘real’.

Stepping Back, Right Back

Nonetheless, if one was to take a step back from what is taking place ‘out there’ and went deeper into themselves, they would probably soon find that their external reality is mirroring back what they believe. Therefore, while it may have seemed as though things just happen to them, their mind, via the law of resonance, is actually pulling situations and circumstances to them that reflect what they believe.

Along with this, it will also cause them to interpret situations and circumstances in a way that will be in alignment with what they believe. What this means is that even if something doesn’t actually reflect what they believe, they will still see it in a way that does.

For Example

One can then have a ‘negative’ experience and this experience can result in them experiencing ‘negative’ feelings. At this point, they can feel angry and powerless and/or feel like a victim.

In reality, this experience will have been a manifestation of what they believe. Their mind would have co-created this experience and this would have allowed them to experience feelings that were already held inside them.

Two Levels

Consciously, one could say that this is not true and, at a conscious level, they could spend a fair amount of time focusing on good things. Nevertheless, at a deeper level, their unconscious mind will be looking for that which it believes to be true.

It is due to this, that it will be normal for one to believe that what takes place hasn’t got anything to do with them. Yet, by removing the curtain, so to speak, and connecting to their other mind, they will be able to understand why they experience the same things over and over again.

Shinning The Light

When it comes to what one believes, it can relate to what they have picked up from society, their time at school, what their parents passed onto them, and the meaning that they made out of what took place during their early years. What can fuel a lot of their beliefs is unprocessed emotional pain.

Ergo, once they have started to process the emotional pain that is held inside their body, they can find that a lot of their beliefs start to fall away. Also, just bringing a belief up to the light of consciousness can cause it to be seen for what it is – a belief and not the truth.


If one can relate to this, and they are ready to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided with the assistance of a therapist or healer.