May 31, 2023


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Things You Need to Know About Gender Inequality In Nursing Profession

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People can’t help but notice that there are only a few men nurses and more female nurses. There are times when female nurses are compared with men nurses in a negative way. Maybe because of the traditional practices that men work and women are only for the home. In these modern days such belief should be changed since male and female nurses are both capable of fulfilling their duties as a nurse. Gender inequality in the nursing profession comes in different forms, some say that nursing jobs are not for men since they are for the weak, which is referring to women. This misconception should stop and people should open their minds on the changes that are happening to society and stop gender inequality in the nursing profession.

Are Men Underrepresented In Nursing?

Approximately 12{2e228dbde74e78e4902d22eb6c55df58f318427a1e9c7a55afbf57001a70a236} of the population of nurses are males. The main reason why there are few male nurses is due to stereotypes, it has been a practice that only females suit the job of becoming a nurse. Other reasons are lack of interest of men in the nursing field or mismatch with the duties related to duties as a matron. However, as the generation advances , men are now more interested in becoming a nurse. 

Why Do We Need More Male Nurses?

When it comes to the demands of nurses in our situation now, gender doesn’t actually matter. The world needs nurses who can be able to do their responsibilities in assisting physicians and patients who need their service, whoever is healthy and committed enough men or women won’t matter. The presence of male nurses however can give benefits like, ensuring male patients that they can be represented by male nurses. There are procedures that are gender sensitive so the presence of male nurses can be handy in these situations. 

Why Is Gender Diversity Important In Nursing?

There are several reasons why gender diversity is relevant in nurses and here are some of them:

  • More Quality Care for Patients 

Sometimes patients are more comfortable if they are being assisted with the same gender, there are procedures that require sensitive touching and in this situation it will be more comfortable if a make nurse would assist male patients during these procedures. 

  • Better Communication with Patients 

We can not ignore the fact that men are more open to talking with their fellowmen especially with issues that are related to something confidential like their medical conditions for instance. Communication with people who have the same anatomical features can also be a big factor when it comes to patient-nurse relationships. Understanding your patient is relevant since it can help in recognizing his conditions and medical needs. 

  • Uneven Salary Issue Can Be Resolve

Women often get paid lower compared with men, in cases when male nurses increase in number. Tendency of increasing nurses salary will have a higher possibility. Salary will then be based on the profession and specialization of nurses and not on genders anymore. This concern not only happens in the nursing industry but in almost all industries. 

Are There Any Gender Differences In Nursing?

Basically there is none, both genders are able to perform their duties and responsibilities as a nurse. Stereotype has been affecting the nursing profession way back before, they say that nursing jobs are not suitable for men.However, as time passes people become more open-minded and advance and realize that nursing jobs are for everyone. Since nursing jobs are more about rendering care for patients, people tend to think that men are not capable of doing these chores but in modern times the equality of men and women has improved a lot for the better. 

Gender issues in nursing profession should be eliminated so people can focus more on what they can do to fulfil their duties in their profession instead of competing with the opposite sex. Wouldn’t it be better if  gender inequality in nursing profession will not be an issue anymore, then  more men will be motivated to work as   they can help people who are in need of their service.Right now nurses are in demand and it will be a good time to become one, apply at Advantage Medical Professionals  healthcare staffing agency, and they will assist you in getting the right nursing job for you, whether you are a male or a female.