June 3, 2023


Where's The Health?

Unhealthy Relationships

It is essential to enhance the quality of relationships to achieve a better life or living arrangement. People spend so much time to build new relationships. Most people expect healthy relationships that feature respect for differing attitudes, open communication about feelings, and trust in the other. Healthy relationships always add to a person’s well being. But, unhealthy relationships often cause stress and subtract from their happiness. Such relationships often leave them feeling depleted of energy.

In many situations, people find themselves feeling hurt. But, it is difficult to know that a friend or family member is not treating a person with the care he deserves. Disagreements, need for cooperation, and times of irritation are common in all kinds of relationships. These matters alone are not sufficient to indicate that a relationship is unhealthy. There are other aspects to think about in deciding whether a particular relationship is desirable or not.

In an unhealthy relationship, one or both participants attempt to control or influence the other, make the other feel bad, dictate the partner’s moves, criticize the other’s relatives, are scared of the partner’s anger, discourage the other from being close with anyone else, and ignore each other in conversations. An unhealthy person is also overly possessive. He always spends time to criticize, or support others in criticizing, the other person’s ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or disability.

An unhealthy relationship also includes a cycle of violence. The abuser controls the resources of the partner and uses physical threats to prevent the other from leaving. Lifestyle is a significant factor affecting unhealthy relationships. Awful behavior may originate from family upbringing or any other influential relationship.

Unhealthy relationships can be easily avoided. A good option includes learning to love and look after yourself, irrespective of whether or not someone is in your life. Once you recognize your own requirements, you can simply work with the feelings of others, without letting them interfere with your own. When you make a relationship with yourself, you no longer need poor relations. In its place, you can educate yourself to have giving relationships.