June 6, 2023


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What are Clay Pigeon Throwers

What are clay pigeon throwers? Clay pigeon throwers are machines used to launch targets in a shooting game for land pigeons, also known as shooting clay targets or shooting dead birds.
‘Clay Pigeon Thrower’ is a term originating from the 1830s where live pigeons are used in pigeon shooting games, where missed targets are referred to as “pulling away” and “killing” are called punches.

What are clay pigeon throwers?

Do you have a hobby of shooting and looking for clay pigeon throwers?
This depends on two things, your budget and the type of pitcher you are looking for.

Automatic clay pigeon throwers are very easy to use, but you need to think about battery life and its reliability.
Then there are manually-operated traps that make it possible to release and take on the functions of one person. Then at the lower end of the budget spectrum, there is a handheld thrower. The limitations of using one of them are clear.

Whatever type of clay pigeon throwers you want to buy.

So you are looking for a target thrower but don’t seem to be able to find the right one, don’t worry anymore because here we will give you the best clay thrower on the market.

All prices, specifications, sizes and different designs are sure to meet some or more of all your needs.

We also focus on their strengths and weaknesses which together give you the opportunity to judge which is the right choice for you.

What should be considered when buying clay dove throwers

  • Strong launch:
    This is the distance that can be thrown by clay. Adjustable launch distance can be used when you practice at different levels. Throwers who can launch from 50 to 80 yards can be good to use.
  • Size and portability:
    This is required if you will be traveling with the launcher more often. You need to find a lightweight and small size to make mobility easier. More than that, it should have wheels to make mobility very smooth.
  • Cartridge capacity:
    Cartridges can hold a number of ground stones at the same time. It is important to look for one that can hold more cartridges at once so you can launch more. The best cartridges must be able to accommodate standard clays too.
  • Throwing cycle time:
    Recycling time determines the distance between launches. Getting faster means you don’t have to wait long before launching another one. Getting one with a cycle time of 2 seconds can be very good to use.
  • Single and double:
    Whether the engine takes out single or double clays is also a consideration for some people. If you need some target abilities, the latter will obviously be something you pay attention to.
    This one really depends on your personal preference and the type of shot you want to take. The cost factor is related, however, with double firing machines generally becoming more expensive.
    Some models will be stronger than others in this regard. Think about the environment you will take and the type of distance needed and use this to determine which machine to choose.
  • Good stability.
    No one wants to use a machine that is less stable. The knock effect is that the clay will be discarded is not reliable.
    The worst-case scenario is a trap that actually provides a clue because of the impact of the throw or reloads.
    If you see a lightweight engine where stability can be a problem, consider how the unit can be tightened or stabilized when outside on the field.